Is Your Toilet Flange Too Low, Broken or Leaking?

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Our Code Approved Toilet Flange Extender Repair Kit

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I am sure at sometime in your life you have had a leaking toilet. The water is all over the floor and you may have stepped in it late at night after getting up to use the bathroom. I know I have…

Find the Answer to all your Toilet Flange problems…

  • Toilet Flange Too Low? - The answer is not normally apparent until you remove the toilet…the hidden problem
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  • Lead Bend with Brass Ring? Nam nec convallis tortor. Nunc interdum purus a lectus volutpat egestas sit amet a mauris. Quisque ut dolor eros, feugiat semper nunc. Fusce dapibus scelerisque elit vitae molestie.
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What People Are Saying About Our Toilet Flange Repair Kits...

“Best money I ever spent and I fixed it myself !”

- Bill P.,Providence, RI

“Easy to install, didn’t have to call a plumber and pay big bucks!”

- Tom D.,Omaha, NE

“It’s a Really Great Product. Thank You So Much!”

- Ann S., Lawrenceburg, KY

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